Pre-Conference Workshops

Choose from workshops on basic science, clinical practice and public health.

 Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Basic Science Workshop 1: 

Can the blocks to effective therapy for HPV infection be overcome?

09:00 - 10:30      

                Chair: Rafi Ahmed (Canada)        

                Chair: Kelvin Tuong (Australia)   

09:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Kelvin Tuong (Australia)              

09:30     TBA

Invited Speaker: Rafi Ahmed (Canada)   

10:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Riccardo Dolcetti (Australia)      


Clinical Workshop 1: 

Developing Clinical Capacity in LMIC

09:00 - 10:30      

                Chair: Alec Ekoroma (New Zealand)        

                Chair: Deborah Bateson (Australia)          

09:00     Practicalities of cervical screening in India/Sri Lanka & Bhutan

Invited Speaker: Neerja Bhatla (India)    

09:15     Clinical challenges facing service delivery in Asia Pacific

Invited Speaker: Kirsten Black (Australia)              

09:30     Rapid HPV testing in the field. VIA (PNG)

Invited Speaker: Andrew Vallely (Australia)         

10:00     Vaccination & Screening in LMIC

Invited Speaker: Heather Cubie (United Kingdom)            

10:15     Panel Discussion: Is the end nigh for VIA?

Public Health Workshop 1: 

Stories of success: HPV vaccination programs in Low and Middle Income Countries

09:00 - 10:30      

                Chair: D.Scott LaMontagne     

                Chair: TBA             

09:00     Introduction

Invited Speaker: D.Scott LaMontagne 

09:02     Overview of HPV Introduction in LMIC

Invited Speaker: TBA      

09:12     Speakers representing experiences in the WHO regions: -PAHO -EURO -AFRO -SEARO -WPRO

Invited Speaker: TBA        

10:02     Summary of key learnings from countries

Invited Speaker: D.Scott LaMontagne 

10:05     Panel Discussion              

Basic Science Workshop 2: What are the genetic/stochastic determinants of persisting infection with high risk HPVs?

11:00 - 12:30      

                Chair: Karl Munger (USA)            

                Chair: Matt Brown (Australia)    

11:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Nicolas Wentzensen (USA)        

11:30     TBA

Invited Speaker: Matt Brown (Australia)

12:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Renske Steenbergen (The Netherlands)


Clincial Workshop 2: 

HPV related diseases of the cervix & beyond

11:00 - 12:30     

                Chair: Anne Olssen (Australia)   

                Chair: Annabelle Farnsworth (Australia)

11:00     Diagnosis and management of HPV-related VIN3, VAIN3

Invited Speaker: Elmar Joura (Austria)    

11:20     Differential diagnosis of non-HPV related vulval disease

Invited Speaker: Gayle Fischer (Australia)             

11:40     New directions in the diagnosis and management of ICC

Invited Speaker: Lynette Denny (South Africa)   

12:00     New directions in colposcopy

Invited Speaker: Alison Brand (Australia)              

12:20     Panel Discussion              


Public Health Workshop 2: 

Moving forward with HPV vaccination in HIC

11:00 - 12:30      

                Chair: Anna Giuliano (USA)         

                Chair: Julia Brotherton (Australia)            

09:00     Brief intro – scene setting on number of countries, range of coverage, availability of nonavalent vaccine, adoption of two dose schedules and progress in gender neutral vaccination

Invited Speaker: Anna Giuliano (USA)     

09:05     Implementation of two dose, nonavalent, gender neutral vaccination in New Zealand

Invited Speaker: Nikki Turner (New Zealand)       

09:20     Nonavalent HPV vaccine safety: the US experience

Invited Speaker: Juliana Gee (USA)          

09:35     Targeted MSM HPV vaccination program in the UK: why, how and lessons learned

Invited Speaker: Kate Soldan (United Kingdom) 

09:50     Hidden inequalities in HPV vaccine uptake. Who is missing out on HPV vaccine in HIC, why, and what can we do about it?

Invited Speaker: TBA        

10:05     Reaching and informing: effective engagement methods to support HPV vaccine uptake

Invited Speaker: Jasmin Tiro (USA)          

10:20     Facilitated Q&A discussion by chairs        


Basic Science Workshop 3: 

Immunology of HPV infections

13:30 - 15:00      

                Chair: Peter Stern (United Kingdom)       

                Chair: Sjoerd Van der Burg (The Netherlands)    

13:30     TBA

Invited Speaker: Peter Stern (United Kingdom)  

14:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Merilyn Hibma (New Zealand) 

14:15     TBA

Invited Speaker: Sigrun Smola (Germany)            

14:30     TBA

Invited Speaker: Sjoerd Van der Burg (The Netherlands)


Clinical Workshop 3: 

HPV and anal cancer in MSM

13:30 - 15:00     

                Chair: Dave Templeton (Australia)           

                Chair: Michael Berry-Lawhorn (USA)      

13:30     Prioritization algorithms for targeted treatment

Invited Speaker: Mary Poynten (Australia)           

13:45     Improving the clinical diagnosis of anal HSIL

Invited Speaker: Naomi Jay (USA)            

14:00     Anal HSIL - to treat or not to treat?

Invited Speaker: Joel Palefsky (USA)       

14:15     Latest treatments for anal cancer

Invited Speaker: Susan Carroll (Australia)              

14:30     Panel Discussion: What is the current state of play for screening?             


Public Health Workshop 3: 

We can prevent cervical cancer: an Australian perspective on closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

13:30 - 15:00      

                Chair: Julia Brotherton (Australia)            

                Chair: TBA    

13:30     Introduction

Invited Speaker: TBA        

13:40     The National Indigenous Cervical Screening Project: principles of consultation and collaboration, capacity building, and reciprocity in action

Invited Speaker: TBA      

13:55     Findings from Screening Matters: is the renewed cervical screening program on track to deliver better health to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women?

Invited Speaker: TBA        

14:10     Could self-collection be an equitable option for Aboriginal women? Modelling its impact compared to clinician collected testing in the Australian setting

Invited Speaker: TBA        

14:25     HPV vaccination for Aboriginal adolescents and their communities: what do we know about coverage and acceptability?

Invited Speaker: TBA   

14:40     Discussion          


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Basic Science Workshop 4: 

Natural history of HPV

09:00 - 10:30      

                Chair: Lou Laimins (USA)              

                Chair: Frank Stubenrauch (Germany)     

09:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Lou Laimins (USA)         

09:25     TBA

Invited Speaker: John Doorbar (United Kingdom)              

09:45     TBA

Invited Speaker: Nigel McMillan (Australia)          

10:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Paul Lambert (USA)      


Clinical Workshop 4: 

Clinical perspectives in specific populations

09:00 - 10:30      

                Chair: Richard Turner (Australia)               

                Chair: Marlene Kong (Australia)

09:00     HPV screening and disease in immune-compromised women

Invited Speaker: Barbara Moscicki (USA)

09:15     Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders – access, acceptability, disease presentations

Invited Speaker: Marlene Kong (Australia)           

09:30     Inclusive services for the transgendered

Invited Speaker: Nittaya Phanupak (Thailand)     

09:45     Child survivors of sexual abuse (vaccination & screening)

Invited Speaker: Yasmin Jayasinga (Australia)      

10:00     Panel Discussion              


Public Health Workshop 4: 

HPV testing in Low and Middle Income Countries: providing hope to the pre-HPV vaccination cohorts

09:00 - 10:30

                Chair: Philip Castle (USA)

                Chair: John Kaldor (USA)

09:00     Introduction

Invited Speaker: Philip Castle (USA)

09:01     Point of care HPV testing as a screen and treat program: the Papua New Guinea experience

Invited Speaker: Pamela Tolliman (Australia)

09:16     Real world experience with HPV based screening in El Salvador

Invited Speaker: Mauricio Maza (El Salvador)

09:31     Incorporating HPV testing into cervical screening in Botswana

Invited Speaker: Doreen Ramolgola-Masire (Botswana)

09:46     Self-sampling with point of care HPV testing in Malaysia: Project ROSE

Invited Speaker: Yin Ling Woo (Malaysia)

10:01     Facilitated discussion of issues raised and way forward


Basic Science Workshop 5: 

Viral Entry

11:00 - 12:00      

                Chair: Martin Sapp (USA)             

                Chair: Tony Cunningham (Australia)        

11:00     TBA

Invited Speaker: Tony Cunningham (Australia)   

11:15     TBA

Invited Speaker: Michelle Ozbun (USA) 

11:30     TBA

Invited Speaker: Luise Florin (Germany)

11:45     TBA

Invited Speaker: Martin Sapp (USA)        


Clinical Workshop 5: 

Clinical update of HPV in the head and neck

11:00 - 12:00      

                Chair: Craig Derkay (USA)            

11:00     Should we be screening for oral HPV-related disease?

Invited Speaker: Paolo Campisi (Canada)              

11:15     Early effects of HPV vaccination on RRP incidence in Australia

Invited Speaker: Alan Cheng (Australia) 

11:15     Anti-PD1 Therapy for HPV-associated RRP

Invited Speaker: Lori Wirth (USA)             

11:15     Immunotherapy - The 4th Armamentarium for HPV-associated Head and Neck Cancers

Invited Speaker: Sara Pai (USA) 

11:30     Minimally invasive (Robotic) surgery for HPV-related Oropharyngeal cancer

Invited Speaker: Jonathan Clark (Australia)          

11:45     New staging system for Oropharyngeal Head and Neck Cancer

Invited Speaker: Bruce Haughey (USA)  


Public Health Workshop 5: 

Cervical Screening in High Income Countries

11:00 - 12:00     

                Chair: Marion Saville (Australia)

                Chair: Karen Canfell (Australia)  

11:00     Evolution of cervical screening recommendations in the USA and role of modelling

Invited Speaker: Jane Kim (USA)

11:10     The evidence on HPV negative cancers: Any impact on the decision to co-test?

Invited Speaker: Philip Castle (USA)        

11:20     Primary HPV screening: extending the interval beyond five years?

Invited Speaker: Hans Berkoff (The Netherlands)              

11:30     Focal Point in North America

Invited Speaker: Gina Ogilive (Canada)  

11:40     Primary HPV testing in Northern Europe

Invited Speaker: Joaquim Dillner (Sweden)          

11:50     Panel Discussion              


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