HPV Survey


Within the Clinical Workshop at IPVC 2018 we will have a session dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in clinical practice.

Therefore, we seek your advice on the sorts of queries you are asked as experts in HPV. 
In addition please include questions you feel need to be addressed in educating all on HPV DNA screening, as well as HPV vaccination. 

We have highlighted some questions below, but please let us know what your concerns are.

From a male perspective:

  • Do I need to have Gardasil 9, having already had Gardasil? This is particularly relevant for HIV positive MSMs, in whom a higher proportion of anal cancers are non-HPV 16 related
  • What if I am over 26 years of age? (No evidence of efficacy. Evidence of non-efficacy if HIV (+))
  • Use of vaccine as an adjunct to ablative treatment (non-randomised suggestive benefit)
  • Recommendations for transgendered populations

And from a female perspective:

  • As an unvaccinated older woman in my early 50s who is contemplating a new relationship, should I be vaccinated?
  • As a 25 year old sexually active women who missed out on the vaccine (my parents did not consent), is it now worth my paying for it myself?
  • I have been vaccinated with the 4-valent vaccine, so do I need the 9-valent vaccine?  - relevant for higher risk women which may include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women as well as immune-deficient women for instance
  • As a women who experienced childhood sexual abuse (i.e. prior to vaccination), should I now also receive the 9-valent vaccine?
  • Use of vaccine as part of therapy for high grade lesions 

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