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Discover_Sydney.jpgSydney is Australia's largest and most illustrious harbour city. Given its favourable weather, rich European history, vibrant economy and diverse lifestyle options, it is not surprising that it is such a popular destination.

Discover Australia's most beautiful city from the iconic Sydney Opera House to the sparkling blue harbour, exhilarating entertainment, delicious restaurants and historic heritage.


Harbour Bridge

Completed in 1932, the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge was an economic feat as well as an engineering triumph. Prior to the bridge being built, the only links between the city centre in the south and the residential north were by ferry or by a 12-mile road route that involved five bridge crossings.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is known locally as the "Coat Hanger", took eight years to build, including the railway line. Recommended for all visitors to Sydney is the Pylon Lookout inside which is a fascinating display on how this impressive construction was built.

Opera House

The Sydney opera house, situated on Sydney Harbour at Bennelong Point, is regarded as one of the wonders of the modern world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its creator - Jorn Utzon, is regarded as one of the world's greatest architects. The irony of its story is that he never got to see it when completed.

The opera house is a multipurpose performing arts facility. Its largest venue, the 2679-seat Concert Hall, is host to symphony concerts, choir performances and popular music shows. The building can even resemble a butterfly when lit up with coloured projections during Sydney's annual festivals.

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Sydney's main airport is located 15 minutes south of the CBD at Botany Bay. Airport transfers are readily available from the airport and there is a regular train service straight to the city. Find all transport options here.


Sydney's public transport system features a comprehensive network of train, bus and ferry services. Using an Opal card is a convenient way to pay for your fares. All trains, ferries and new buses are wheelchair accessible.


Services run from 4 am to around midnight on most train lines. All stations on the network have 24-hour ticket vending machines.


Sydney buses travel through the city and beyond almost 24 hours a day. Most of the bus routes within the City of Sydney are prepaid only to reduce delays, so you'll need to buy a ticket before you get on board.


Ferry services across Sydney's world-renowned harbour leave from the terminal at Circular Quay and travel to an array of harbourside destinations


Taxis and water taxis are also a convenient way to get around Sydney. Taxis in Sydney can be hailed from the kerb on the street or engaged at one of several designated taxi ranks throughout the city centre.


October means spring in Australia which is the driest and sunniest season. Spring days are great for exploring Sydney's attractions, bushwalking, cycling, and the outdoors. 

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