Basic Research

  1. Taxonomy
  2. Animal models
  3. Immunology
  4. Regulation of gene expression
  5. Transformation and carcinogenesis
  6. Structural biology
  7. Virus - host interactions
  8. Virus life cycle
  9. Genomics of HPV-associated disease
  10. Papillomavirus vaccines (i.e. new developments)
  11. Other basic research

    Clinical Research

    1. HPV diagnostics and biomarkers I: HPV triage technologies
    2. HPV diagnostics and biomarkers II: Validation platforms (e.g. Valgent) 
    3. HPV diagnostics and biomarkers III: Quality and performance verification for clinical HPV tests 
    4. HPV self-collection 
    5. Diagnosis and management of cervical  cancer and its precursors
    6. Diagnosis and management of anal cancer and its precursors
    7. Diagnosis and management of penile, vulvar and vaginal  cancer and precursors
    8. Diagnosis and management of oropharyngeal, head and neck cancer
    9. Diagnosis and management of genital and skin warts
    10. Diagnosis and management of HPV associated skin lesions other than warts
    11. Prophylactic vaccines – clinical aspects
    12. Therapeutic vaccines – clinical aspects
    13. Management of HPV disease in HIV-infected people
    14. Treatment of precancer in low resource settings 
    15. Cochrane reviews of HPV vaccination and screening 
    16. Treatment of HPV-related disease
    17. Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
    18. Other clinical research

      Public Health / Epidemiology

      1. Global impact of HPV and cervical cancer prevention 
      2. Epidemiology: natural history/global burden/risk factors
      3. Screening for HPV related disease: implementation, evaluation and impact
      4. Vaccine safety: new evidence and public perception
      5. Quality standards and methods for economics and mathematical modelling (e.g. HPV-FRAME) 

        High resource settings

        1. Screening for HPV related disease: implementation, evaluation and impact
        2. Vaccination: implementation, evaluation and impact
        3. Economics and mathematical modelling in HIC 
        4. Primary HPV vs co-testing with HPV and cytology 

          Low and middle income (LMIC) settings

          1. Screening for HPV related disease screening: implementation, evaluation and impact
          2. Scale up of HPV vaccination in Gavi-eligible countries
          3. Cervical screening and combined screening vaccination strategies  in LMIC
          4. Economics and mathematical modelling for LMIC 
          5. Vaccine and screening implementation in non GAVI-eligible/middle income countries 
          6. Psychosocial impact of new HPV and cervical cancer prevention strategies 
          7. Other public health / epidemiology research   

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